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We have extensive experience developing and integrating enterprise business systems for some of Australia's largest publicly listed corporations and government departments.


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Do not take anything anyone said as financial advice. Not from us, not from our members.
We are not licensed to give financial advice.
So please use the software as intended - one of the tools in your investment research. There's no hidden secret, no code or algorithm revealing anything smarter people haven't said or known before... Though to be fair, it is quite an awesome piece of software engineering...
Still... it could be dangerous to your financial health to blindly take our two cents.
In fact, we're just a bunch of cowboys who reckon the new frontier of high finance is the old school, back to basic, getting to understand what business you're getting yourself into. That and we can do a bit of coding. That's it.
DangInvestor is just an accounting software. Though we specialises in the analysis and valuation of businesses, try to be as accurate, independent, honest and transparent in all our work... you just never know. I mean, we're capitalists, not your typical Kindergarten Teacher.
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